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Believe: Beyond the limits of innovation

Focus nanotechnology Africa Inc.(FONAI) was formed in 2006 as a  501c3 not-for-profit educational and scientific organization especially  in the US, Africa and the Caribbean to combat brain drain and all forms of poverty including science and technological poverty.
1.First class nanoeducation
2. First class nano physical capacity building
3.Beyond nano innovative research and discovery
4. Nano industry and economic development

Major Accomplishment:
1.Formation of the largest nanoscience and nanotechnology initiative;
   the US-EU-Africa-Asia-Pacific and Caribbean Nanotechnology Initiative (USEACANI) with
   a first of a kind nanosciencetech-academy. Establishment of Journal Nanotechnology Progress    
   International (JONPI), the #1 nanosciencetech journal in scope and coverage with Nobel Prize  
   Winners as members of the Editorial Board. Online global  nanosicencetech workshop held.
2.Networking for $800 billion EU power project in Africa for Europe, $50 billion each from US
   and EU for Africa climatic change project and G8 $20 billion aid to Africa.
3.Membership to external advisory board of World Bank $180 million project in Africa and
   membership to steering committee EU-ICPC $4.415 billion nanoproject until 2010, etc
4. Fair market value of certain  assets of the organization were established at $745 million by reputable valuers.

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